How-To Make Your Home Senior-Friendly

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Facebook Share Image 04_12When looking to stay in your current home for the long-term, it is important to review your living environment and look for areas that may need to be reconfigured for the future. For example, proper lighting is absolutely critical in all areas to avoid accidents.

Entryways are important for your connection with the rest of world. Whether bringing in groceries or heading out to a social event, it should be safe no matter the condition outside. Consider a no-step entryway, which would mean getting rid of a step or stoop. If you have a front porch that would be difficult to get rid of, see about adding a ramp that would provide a gradual entrance.

In bathrooms, consider swapping out a regular tub for a walk-in tub. You could also lower your bathroom sink for a wheelchair height, install an elevated toilet or install grab bars. Your space doesn’t get more personal than a bathroom, it should be comfortable, attractive and safe.

Making your kitchen more user-friendly could include home modifications such as, varying the height of the counter-tops, installing a raised dishwasher, mounting your wall oven and microwave at reachable heights or creating clearance beneath the sink.

Outside the home, creating a raised garden bed will reduce the stress on your back as you bend over to prune, plant and weed.

When you love the home you live in, making modifications so that you can stay there longer seems like the obvious choice. Picking some or all of these options will make you more mobile and safe in your own home.

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